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Roles of Ca and Mg in animals

Fertilising with forms of calcium and magnesium that plants can take up enriches the plant's mineral content.

This mineral content is an indispensable part of your flock or herd's diet, for calcium and magnesium have indispensable roles in animals.

Role of calcium in animals

· Contributes to bone formation
· Has a buffering effect (corresponding to a need to
  neutralise excess acidity in the rumen, for example)
· Enters into the composition of body fluids (blood)
· Enters into the composition of secretions (hormones, milk)

Ruminants' calcium rations must always be planned in parallel with their phosphorus intake.

Problems linked to calcium and/or phosphorus deficiencies:

· Rickets (crooked limbs, enlarged joints.)
· Milk fever (parturient paresis due to sudden drops in the
  blood calcium and glucose levels at the start of lactation)
· Reproductive problems

Role of magnesium in animals

· Bone formation
· Cell replication
· Hormone regulation
· Nerve impulse transmission (stress) and muscle contraction
· Fertility
· Resistance to infection (immune system, vitamin E)

Magnesium participates in the body's main functions. A regular magnesium oxide supply ensures that your forage crops will have the mineral quality required for your livestock's healthy diet.

Problems linked to magnesium deficiencies:

· Rickets (due to mobilisation of skeletal Mg2+)
· Grass tetany or staggers (spasms caused by a decrease in the
  Mg2+ concentration in the blood)
· Thrombosis (clot formation in a blood vessel).

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