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Rendu-racine/Root Service

Spreading service

To provide our customers with a complete service, we propose logistics tailored to your needs. We offer a turnkey service called "rendu-racine" or "root service".

You have access to advanced equipment and our entrepreneurs' know-how to do quality spreading. This equipment includes:
. a big bag spreader
. conventional spreading
. spreading in ponds

The big bag spreader: innovative equipment

Ever keen to provide our customers with quality service, we work with a series of partners in manufacturing and business to develop new spreading equipment. Agriculture Balthazard & Cotte, working in conjunction with Prolog, is developing a spreader that can be loaded autonomously from big bags. The first prototype was trialled this spring.

Agriculture Balthazard & Cotte - Le Puy en Clermont - F-03800 Gannat - France
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